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Phoenix, AZ Air Purifier Systems by Magic Touch Mechanical

For cleaning your home’s air, air filters are an excellent and cost-effective option. But standard mechanical filters are often insufficient, and many contaminants can escape them while the filter causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should. But there are other options for cleaning your air that do not use filters at all. Air purifiers are electronic devices that can eliminate the tiniest of polluting particles from circulating through the air of a home.

Do you think your household might benefit from an air purifier? Or do you already have air purifiers installed but they need repair or maintenance work to restore them? Then make the call to Magic Touch Mechanical and speak to our indoor air quality experts in Phoenix, AZ. We carry the finest products and have the extensive training necessary to see that you have the right air purification system operating in your home to provide your family with healthy, fresh air.

Magic Touch Mechanical installs and services a variety of air purifiers in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call today for an appointment.

How Air Purifiers Clean Your Air

Air purifiers are electronically powered appliances that use ionization instead of a mesh of fibers to remove unwanted particles from the air. An air purifier is installed into an HVAC system, where it uses a method called corona discharge to ionize the air molecules. Larger particles, such as pollutants, are more likely to become ionized, and the air purifier draws these charged particles down to two metal plates (one for negative charge, one for positive charge) and traps them there. This method of purification removes smaller particles, such as gas and odor molecules, that would otherwise escape a standard filter. Air purifiers only require a small amount of electricity to run and will not place a large burden on your power bills.

Finding the Best Air Purifier for Your Home

There is no one–size–fits all air purifier, however, so you need to contact professionals when it’s time to select an air purification system for you home. Not only will you need the expertise of professionals to pick the correct air purifier for your needs, but you must rely on them to install it so that it works correctly and efficiently. A badly installed air purifier will let numerous contaminants through without you realizing it. Make sure you always start with professionals so you will feel confident about the air purifier’s performance.

We Offer Service for Air Cleaners in Phoenix, AZ

If you notice that the people in your household are suffering from a large number of allergy and asthma–like symptoms, or unpleasant odors drift through many of the rooms, you probably need indoor air quality solutions. An air purifier might be just the right installation: call Magic Touch Mechanical and speak to our indoor air quality experts, and they will investigate your home to find out if you should have an air purifier, and what kind. They will then perform a skilled installation so your new system works exactly as intended.

Air purifiers are subject to malfunctions, the same as any complex mechanical device, and they will occasionally need repair work. They also must receive routine maintenance to clean them out. You will find all the support services you need in Phoenix, AZ with us. Call our team today to arrange for whatever air purification service you require.