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Fireplace Inspection

Because fireplaces appear so hardy and indestructible, homeowners sometimes let them go for years without regular professional inspections. But this is a mistake: you should treat the fireplace in your home as if it were like any heating system, such as a furnace. You can’t let a furnace go without routine maintenance, and likewise you can’t let a fireplace go without regular inspections.

However, you cannot perform these inspections on your own, since you won’t know what to look for or the various warning signs that indicate a fireplace needs repair work. Make a call to Magic Touch Mechanical and speak to our fireplace experts in Phoenix, AZ. They have the knowledge and tools to provide you with a thorough fireplace inspection that will make sure your hearth continues to provide you and your family with cozy warmth and a place to gather for many years to come.

Why Fireplace Inspections Are Necessary

We want to dispel the myth that fireplaces are inherently dangerous. They pose no greater risk to your home or members of your household than other heating systems, such as gas and electric furnaces. However, fireplaces must have routine maintenance the same way that these other heating systems do, and regular inspections are an important part of this maintenance.

During a fireplace inspection, a technician will examine the condition of the bricks and the mortar holding them together to see if there are places where heat can escape or moisture can enter. (Moisture leaks are extremely destructive to brick and mortar chimneys.) For gas fireplaces, the technician will carefully check the firebox, the ignition system, the burners, and the gas piping to see they are safe and fuel is burning efficiently. If the technicians spot any issues during inspection, he or she will let you know and inform you what repair work will help resolve the problem.

fireplace inspection

How Often Should I Schedule Fireplace Inspection?

The National Fire Protection Association Standards of 2011 recommend that fireplaces and vents should receive an inspection at least once a year “for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.” This is true even if you don’t use your fireplace often or leave it unused during the middle of the year; there are types of deterioration that can affect a fireplace even if when not in use.

However, you may need to have your fireplace inspected sooner than this. You should always schedule an inspection from professionals if you notice damage and cracking in the fireplace, the development of moisture inside it, smoke entering your home, an excessive build–up of creosote, gas ignition failure, or any changes in the efficiency and output of heat. For convenience, you should arrange for inspection whenever you have your annual chimney cleaning. Our technicians are glad to offer both of these services whenever you require them.

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Is it time for your annual fireplace inspection? Or do you have reasons right now to suspect that your fireplace may have problems? In either case, you need to call for professionals in Phoenix, AZ to arrange for an inspection—and that means contacting Magic Touch Mechanical.

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