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Like any energy system, your home can become highly inefficient and start to waste energy, raising your bills. You may not notice this process at first, and when you do discover that you are paying much more to run appliances and keep your home comfortable than you once did, you will probably not know what you can do to reverse the decline and improve home performance.

Giving you answers is the purpose of a professional energy audit. You can contact Magic Touch Mechanical to perform this service for you, which thoroughly analyzes your home to find out where it is losing energy and then provide you with the details of how you can improve the situation. You can trust to our experience and equipment when it comes to home performance to see that your house in Phoenix, AZ receives the top-to-bottom inspection necessary to find the solutions to your energy efficiency issues. Call us today to schedule a great energy audit.

What An Energy Audit Does

A home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is an initial step in the process of reducing energy waste inside a house. It locates where a home is losing heat or wasting power. Although you can find guides online for ways to attempt to do an energy audit on your own, we do not recommend this: your home’s various systems are complex and require the eyes of specialists who are familiar with HVAC systems, ductwork, and insulation.

When auditors come to a home, they run the building through a series of tests to see how well it is heat–sealed and how airtight it is. One of the standard tests is to use a blower door to lower the air pressure inside a house, which then causes air from outside to rush in through any air leak on the building. Auditors will know how much work needs to be done to seal up draughts throughout a home after a blower door test.

Other work that the auditors will do in a home is use thermography—scanning with infrared devices—to see where heat can escape the home or enter it, depending on the outside temperature. The inspectors will look over insulation, the ductwork, and the heater and air conditioner to spot places where energy is lost or appliances are working inefficiently.

Upon completion of an energy audit, the professionals will provide the homeowner with a breakdown of the energy problems the house has, as well as advice on how to fix them. The homeowner can decide what improvement to implement in order to improve general home performance, resulting in superior comfort and much lower energy bills.

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Magic Touch Mechanical is glad to get you started with better home performance with one of our complete energy audits. We will answer all your questions about places where you can improve energy efficiency, and offer ideas for solutions. We provide many excellent home performance services that you may require, such as duct sealing, weatherization, and installation of new insulation. Give us a call today and schedule your home energy audit in Phoenix.

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