Maintenance Plan Terms

maintenance plan terms

Maintenance Contract Terms and Conditions


Please refer to the specific contract or agreement title listed below to review the terms and conditions associated with the product or service listed on your document.

Savings Plan Agreements

The terms and conditions listed in this section are applicable only to the following savings plans; EXTREME CLEAN & MAINTENANCE PLAN, ADVANCED CLEAN & MAINTENANCE PLAN, and BASIC CLEAN & MAINTENANCE PLAN. These terms and conditions DO NOT apply to SILVER CSP, GOLD CSP, or PLATINUM CSP purchased on or before 12/01/2013.

The following terms and conditions apply to Maintenance Plans/Savings Plans issued on or after 12/01/2013 (hereafter “Plan” or “Plans”) between Magic Touch Mechanical, Inc. (hereafter “MTM” or “Company” or “Magic Touch Mechanical” or “Magic Touch Mechanical, Inc.”) and the equipment owner or authorized signer of the plan (hereafter “Customer” or “Member” or “You”). These terms and conditions become effective as of midnight 12/01/2013. “Silver, Gold and Platinum Comfort Savings Plans” are covered under previous terms and conditions version 7953-10639 until 12/01/2014. Beginning 12/02/14 all customers and existing members may opt for the new plan of their choice shown below. Customer agrees Magic Touch Mechanical, Inc. reserves the right to alter, add, omit, and/or remove plan benefits and/or price at any time and without prior notice. By purchasing a pre-paid plan, EZ-Pay Plan, or authorizing a contract from Magic Touch Mechanical which includes a maintenance plan, including plans given as part of a promotion with the purchase of HVAC equipment, you agree to the terms and conditions listed herein. All terms and conditions of existing, past or future contracts and agreements with MTM remain enforce. The terms and conditions herein apply to these plans.




  • MTM will assume no responsibility and declare all guarantees, warranties, and remaining plan benefits null and void if equipment is serviced, altered, moved or repaired by anyone other than an MTM representative.
  • MTM will assume no responsibility and declare all guarantees, warranties, cash back credits, and/or remaining plan benefits null and void if should the plan lapse or expire for non-payment, insufficient funds, or customer cancellation.
  • EZ-Pay monthly cost will be automatically withdrawn from credit / debit account provided by the customer at current market price unless cancelled by customer or MTM with thirty days written notice.
  • Customer agrees to give MTM thirty days notice prior to expiration or cancellation of credit debit account used for EZ-Pay monthly withdrawals, and provide MTM with new account information.
  • Customer agrees two free tune–up visits are included with all plan levels. Customer agrees Members are not “pre–paying” for tune–up visits and missed or cancelled visits have no cash value. Plan costs and payments are to receive all other benefits listed and account must be current with payments not in arrears to receive the free tune–up visits. Magic Touch Mechanical will do our best to contact Members with reminders to schedule free maintenance visits. MTM utilizes various forms of contact including phone, mail, and E-mail to schedule visits. MTM highly recommends Members reply promptly when contacted to schedule visits and/or contact us directly to schedule your visits when convenient for you. It is the Members sole responsibility to schedule all visits. No refunds will be issued for any unused visits or benefits. Missed visits cannot be accrued and if missed are automatically forfeited.
  • “50% Repair Reimbursement towards new unit” (previously “Cash Back”) feature / benefit explanation: If within ninety (90) days of repair customer decides to purchase a qualifying complete new system from MTM to replace the repaired unit, MTM will credit the customer 50% of the cost of the repair up to the amount the plan allows.
  • Plan does not cover repairs or replacement of parts or components and no warranty is implied or stated.
  • If payments are in arrears or customer cancels plan for any reason prior to completion of the term of the original plan, customer is responsible for paying in full for the plan, discounts used, and/or for services rendered to date at MTM’s current market rates, immediately upon cancellation.
  • MTM shall not be liable for loss, damage, injury or claims caused by a delay in service or repair, equipment malfunction, clogged drains water damage, component failure, equipment mounting hardware failure or any damages arising from a failure of the system, equipment, controls, accessories, power or water supply.
  • Planned maintenance visits will be scheduled during normal business days/hours.
  • Free diagnostic fee and discounted diagnostic fee benefit (when applicable) limited to two instances per twelve-month period.
  • MTM’s ability to complete all plan features, benefits and tasks assume safe and reasonable accessibility to the property, equipment, components and/or areas (at MTM representatives sole discretion). MTM will not move furniture, appliances, fixtures, or building components or complete tasks that put him, others, pets or property in jeopardy of potential harm of damage. Customer agrees to hold MTM harmless for tasks that cannot be completed.
  • Refrigerator coil cleaning and bath fan cleaning plan feature/benefit assumes MTM representative can reasonably access coils and/or fans. Benefit limited to one refrigerator. Benefit limited to two bath fans. Refrigerator coils must be underneath the appliance and accessible without disassembly. MTM will not move refrigerators in order to access coils.
  • Return and supply register cleaning benefit limited to removing surface dust from reasonably accessible registers. Removal of register and/or higher level cleaning can be completed at an additional cost upon request.
  • Guaranteed service within 24 hours will be provided during normal weekday business hours when the call was scheduled during MTM normal business hours with an MTM Customer Service Representative. MTM will provide customer with a free service call credit should we fail to fulfill this guarantee.
  • All plan features (tasks) involving cleaning and waxing refer to “basic level” cleaning and waxing. More in-depth levels of cleaning/waxing will be billed at current market price less plan discount.
  • Equipment must be 10-years old or newer to qualify for the Extreme Clean & Maintenance Plan.
  • Equipment must be brought up to manufacturer’s specifications prior to start of plan to qualify for Extreme Clean & Maintenance Plan.
  • Bath fans and refrigerator coil cleaning must be cleaned at MTM’s current rates prior to start of plan to qualify for Extreme Clean & Maintenance Plan.
  • Maintenance Plans and benefits have no cash value. There will be no cash-out options or refunds issued  for any reason.
  • There is no agreement oral or otherwise which is not set forth herein.