Finance Your New AC System, Home Improvements, Even Repairs!

Magic Touch Mechanical offers financing options for every buyer! Whether you need to finance a $250 emergency air conditioner repair, or want to take advantage of a 0% Interest financing special offer on a large home improvement project, we can help!

We have financing programs available through multiple lenders including Synchrony Financial, Wells-Fargo, GreenSky and others. We know that everyone’s financial position and credit history is different. So, we’ve made arrangements with multiple banks and lenders to find almost everyone a solution that works for them.



No Credit, Low Credit, Even Bankruptcies

financing approvedHaving a dependable air conditioning system in Arizona is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! We’ll work with you to find a lender that can get you the loan you need to keep you and your family comfortable.

Even if you’ve been turned down in the past, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. Of course, the financing company makes the final decision, however we’ve helped people that thought it was a lost cause. And – we can help you too!



0% Down, 0% Interest, $0 Fees Financing

no interest financing For those with average to better credit scores and payment histories, we have several special financing options to choose from. A few of our lenders will even let you pick your own financing plan upon approval! Financing plans range from 6-60 months during promotional periods. That means you can have your home improvements completed today without having to pay today!



Low Interest, Longer-Term Financing Available

Are you looking for lower monthly payments and a longer time to pay off your loan – without breaking your bank? We’ll help you find the monthly payment and interest rate that’s right for you. Some of our lenders offer low-interest financing with up to 84-months (7-years) to pay off your loan. Even better, you won’t be locked in with most of these plans thanks to no early payoff fees.



How Do I Apply For Financing?

We’ll assist you through every step of the process and help you find the lender and plan that’s right for you. Just contact us today and we’ll take care of the rest. In most cases, you’ll get an instant decision with no proof-of-income or burdensome paperwork to deal with!


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