AC Rebates & Utility Rebates

SRP & APS Utility Rebates

AC Rebates, SRP Rebates, APS Rebates, & Home Performance with Energy Star Rebate Program are offered & administered by your utility company. Magic Touch Mechanical is a Qualified Contractor and participates in these programs. Program rules and participation are subject to change and not all utility company customers qualify. For more information, speak to a Magic Touch Representative today!

Magic Touch Mechanical is a Qualified Contractor for all APS & SRP Rebate Programs!

SRP & APS Rebates


Residential homeowners may qualify for CASH Rebates on the following home efficiency improvements*

  • NewAir Conditioning & Heating Systems (AC Rebate)
  • Ductwork Leak Testing & Sealing
  • Attic Insulation Improvements
  • Window Shade-screen (Sunscreen) Installation
  • Other Energy Efficiency Home Improvements

*Testing & work must be performed by an SRP / APS approved contractor (like Magic Touch Mechanical).


SRP Residential Cool Cash AC Rebate 2020

Replace a heat pump or central air conditioner with a qualifying high–efficiency central cooling system, and you may be eligible for a cash rebate up to $1,250, per unit.

The chart below identifies the rebates available for the various equipment configurations.

Package and
split systems
Compressor SEER Rebate per ton
Heat pump AC
Good: Single-stage 16.0 or higher $75 $75
Better: Multi-stage $150 $150
Best: Variable-capacity $225 $225
Best: Inverter-driven mini-split $225

All qualifying equipment must be listed in the CEE/AHRI Verified Directories as meeting or exceeding the efficiency minimums ( ). Mini-splits can be ducted or ductless. Incentives paid by ton or half-ton of the system’s nominal cooling capacity as listed by manufacturer’s specifications. Rebates effective with installations on or after Feb. 1, 2019.

Estimated savings

Source: SRP (

While results will vary based on your existing system, size of home, comfort preferences and price plan, an efficient system replacement can save 30-50% on your annual cooling costs.

Compressor type (typical SEER) Size (tons) Savings estimate*
1 year 15 years
Single-stage (16 SEER) 3 $240 $3,600
4 $320 $4,800
5 $400 $6,000
Multi-stage (18 SEER) 3 $300 $4,500
4 $400 $6,000
5 $500 $7,500
Variable-capacity (21 SEER) 3 $370 $5,500
4 $490 $7,350
5 $610 $9,150

* Results will vary. Assumes replacement of existing 11 SEER system, $0.11/kWh and 2,141 cooling hours.




APS Residential Air Conditioner Rebate 2020


APS AC Rebates

This program offers rebates to APS residential customers who replace their existing heat pump or AC unit with a minimum efficiency rating of 15 SEER. Most 15 SEER and higher units qualify for a $200 CASH REBATE (all tonnages).

APS will send a rebate check in 6–8 weeks and Magic Touch will complete the paperwork for you.

*Your new AC unit must be installed by an APS Qualified Contractor like Magic Touch Mechanical

*We will submit all of the necessary rebate paperwork for you!



SRP Residential Duct Test and Repair Rebate 2020

SRP’s Duct Test and Repair rebate helps you with rebate money you can apply towards improving the comfort, air quality and energy efficiency of your home. Our Certified Building Analyst will test and identify places in your home where energy escapes. The SRP rebate program covers up to $400 of duct testing and qualified repairs. To qualify for the rebate all test and repairs must be completed by Magic Touch Mechanical, a BPI-certified contractor. You must be a current SRP residential electric customer with an existing home (new construction is ineligible).

You must have the duct test and qualified repairs performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified, SRP Approved, licensed contractor like Magic Touch Mechanical.


APS Residential Duct Test and Repair Rebate 2020

This program offers rebates up to $1,250 ($250 per duct system in the home) for APS customers to have a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Contractor test and repair air leaks in their heating / cooling duct system. Magic Touch Mechanical is an APS qualified contractor and can help you complete your rebate form information.


Home Performance Energy Star Rebates 2020

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® rebates help Arizona homeowners save money, the environment, and increase your comfort!

Home Performance with Energy Star

Magic Touch Mechanical is a participating contractor with your utility (SRP and APS) to bring you the most savings!

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program offers a comprehensive whole house check–up to help you improve the safety, durability, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home while also helping to preserve the environment and your utility company is offering cash rebates for both the testing of your home as well as the repair work.There are many reasons to improve the energy performance of your home, including:

  • Saving money on your energy bills
  • Cash rebates from APS & SRP for both testing and repairs (Over $4500 in Utility Rebates Available)
  • Increasing your comfort in every room
  • Improving health and safety for your family
  • Increasing the durability and value of your home

We’ve Completed Thousands of Home Energy Audits in Phoenix, Arizona

Magic Touch is a participating contractor with SRP and APS. We employ BPI Certified Building Analysts and BPI Certified Building Envelope Specialists. Our certifications, training and specialty diagnostic equipment allow us to perform a comprehensive home energy audit, inspect your home and present you with a comprehensive home assessment to guide you in deciding on efficient upgrades. We will help you consider which rebates or financing offers are available to you that will save you the most money. Upon your approval, we’ll complete the recommended repairs and apply for your rebates for you!

Magic Touch Mechanical is the only Comfort Institute Certified Member contractor in the State of Arizona! Our technicians continually receive training on cutting edge energy audit techniques that aid in finding the problems in your home or building. These deficiencies cause you to pay higher utility costs and cause discomfort & uneven temperatures.

Our specialty diagnostic testing utilizes the latest in high tech tools and includes; testing where outside air is infiltrating your home, conditioned air is escaping your home, where air is leaking from your ducts, moisture and mold problems, inefficient and unsafe appliance issues, dust nuisance and other indoor air quality problems, missing and misaligned insulation, and more!

Ask us how you can qualify for federal tax credits!

Speak to a Magic Touch Mechanical representative for additional rebates you may qualify for. Most utility rebates are also combinable with equipment factory rebates & Magic Touch promotions!