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The Air Conditioning, Heating and Home Performance Company of Choice in Peoria, AZ

At Magic Touch Mechanical, it’s our goal to provide your home with the best comfort and energy efficiency available. To achieve this, we offer many services under one roof: air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, energy audits, insulation, even pool heating. You will find the service you need from the skilled technicians who can do the job whenever needed.

Magic Touch Mechanical provides air conditioning, heating and home performance services in Peoria, AZ and the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning Services in Peoria, AZ

It’s vital to have a powerful and efficient air conditioning system in your home in Peoria, AZ. If you need a new air conditioner, or if you require a tune–up for your current one to keep it from needlessly wasting energy, than you have come to the right company. Magic Touch Mechanical can take care of all major a minor air conditioning needs for your home, so give us a call whenever you need a better way to overcome the heat. Contact us today to schedule air conditioning services in Peoria, AZ and the surrounding area.

Peoria, AZ Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation

When it’s time to put in a new air conditioner in your home, just give us a call. We handle speedy AC installation jobs, and we will make sure that the new system for your home is matched to your cooling needs as well as matched to your budget. Don’t try to go it alone with air conditioning installation; you can’t afford the risk of a malfunctioning system in a place that gets as hot as Arizona.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune–Up Services

Unless your air conditioner receives a yearly maintenance inspection and tune–up (usually in the spring), it will start to rapidly decline. That means higher bills, more repairs, poorer performance, and eventually a surprise breakdown–usually during one of the hottest days of the year! But if you sign up for one of our savings plans, we will set you up with the regular AC maintenance that will keep your cooling system in top, money–saving shape for many years.

AC Repair Services

If you discover that your air conditioner is struggling or won’t turn on, don’t panic yet: give the technicians at Magic Touch Mechanical a call and they will help you out with skilled AC repair services. No matter the size of the malfunction, you can trust your air conditioning repairs to our skills, and soon you’ll have your cool temperatures back once again.


Heating Services in Peoria, AZ

Although air conditioners receive much more use in Peoria, AZ, a sturdy heater is essential for some days as well. Make Magic Touch Mechanical your company of choice for the heating services you need for the days when the thermometer drops. We handle heat pumps, electric and gas furnaces, ductless heating, and extensive work of all kinds on fireplaces. Make an appointment with us today for professional heating services in Peoria, AZ.

Do You Need Heating Repair?

You should never tinker around with a heating system when it isn’t working–particularly a gas–powered heater. This is work for professionals only, and our team will keep you safe and see that your heater is restored to full function in only a short time. No matter the size of the trouble you have with your heating, rely on Magic Touch Mechanical to fix it.

We Install and Service Gas & Electric Furnaces

Do you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace in your home? It doesn’t matter, since our technicians can repair and maintain both kinds. We also handle furnace installation, and our team will help you pick the ideal new furnace (gas or electric) to meet your home’s needs for comfortable warmth.

We Also Install and Service Heat Pumps

For a place with intense summers and mild winters, such as Peoria, a heat pump is an excellent choice for indoor home comfort throughout the year. A heat pump acts as both an air conditioner and a heater, and in heating mode they can provide significant savings over a furnace. Talk to our technicians today to arrange for an installation or if you need repairs for your current heat pump.

We Provide Fireplace Replacement, Repair, Cleaning, Inspection & Restoration Services

A fireplace can make a huge difference in a home, delivering comfort combined with an attractive appearance. But you need to have professional assistance for your fireplace repair, fireplace cleaning, and fireplace inspection services. We can help you with all that, as well as fireplace replacement and fireplace restoration if necessary. Make us your one stop for taking care of the hearth in your home.


We Can Help You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality is an increasing problem in U.S. homes because of the lack of air circulation caused by sealing. We have a number of great solutions to your indoor air quality issues, such as installing air purifiers and energy recovery ventilators and cleaning your ductwork. To learn more about how Magic Touch Mechanical can improve the air in your home in Peoria, AZ, give our IAQ team a call today.

We Provide Air Duct Cleaning Service

The airtight sealing on the ductwork in a home makes it easy for dust and other debris to start building up inside it, and this will restrict airflow and lower your air quality. Routine duct cleaning every few years will eliminate these problems. Our duct cleaning team is skilled and uses the best equipment to provide homes with a thorough job that will keep their air clean and their HVAC system energy efficient.

We Install and Service Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Trying to achieve balanced humidity in a home can present a challenge. Dry air is often a problem in Peoria, AZ, but over–correcting can lead to excess moisture. Let our specialists handle your home’s humidity: we install and service humidifier and dehumidifiers that will make your indoor humidity levels just right to protect your household’s comfort and health.

Do You Need an Air Purifier Installed or Repaired?

Different kinds of contaminants can enter into your air, and we can install the right type of air purifier to fix the problem. Let our trained team determine what sort of pollutants are affecting your air, and then they can assist with installing the correct type of air purification system and making sure that it continues to perform its useful service.

We Install and Service Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

Using an ERV (energy recovery ventilator) or an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) in a home will help you receive fresh air without creating extra stress on either your air conditioning system or your heating system. Contact our team today to find out which type is best for your household, and we will install the new device into your HVAC system. If you need repair or maintenance service for either, we can also handle that.


We Can Install or Repair Your Pool Heater

What good is a pool you can’t enjoy year round, day or night? If you don’t have a pool heater for your home’s swimming pool, just give us a call and we will install one for you. If you need service for a malfunctioning pool heater, then the people at Magic Touch Mechanical are also the right team to call in Peoria, AZ.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Our Home Performance Systems and Services

One of our areas of expertise at Magic Touch Mechanical is helping homes to increase their energy efficiency and performance. Our technicians can give your house an energy audit to target places to improve performance. We also install and replace insulation and place radiant barriers, which are particularly helpful for energy conservation in Peoria, AZ. Give us a call today to get started.

We Install Insulation

Insulation in the walls and attics of a home is essential for maintaining comfort throughout the year and saving energy from running heaters and air conditioners. Insulation is vitally important during the heavy summer heat in Arizona to block outside temperatures from entering a home. If you have less insulation than you need, or if you require replacement of old insulation, let us know and we will take care of you.

Do You Need an Energy Audit in Peoria?

An energy audit is a complete inspection of a home using advanced equipment such as blower doors and thermal scanners to find all the locations where the building is losing heat and wasting energy. Calling us for an audit is the first big step toward improving your home’s overall performance. Arrange for your home’s energy audit with us today.

We Install Radiant Barrier

A vast amount of heat enters homes in Peoria, AZ through the radiant energy of the sun pouring down on the roof. Standard insulation helps keep the heat in the attic from getting down into the rest of the house, but for a place with this much sun, an extra level of protection is incredibly helpful. Magic Touch Mechanical installs radiant barriers in roofs that deflect away the radiant solar energy that regular insulation doesn’t affect.


Do You Need Commercial Services in Peoria?

Magic Touch Mechanical does more than help homes in Peoria, AZ. We are commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, and refrigeration specialists as well. This covers a lot of ground, but we have the experienced team that can handle it all. Need a better air conditioning system for your office building? Want to install an ice–making machine for your restaurant? Looking for healthier air in your retail store? Give us a call, and we’ll get the job done.

We Offer Commercial Heating Services

It may not get cold often in Peoria, AZ, but when it does happen, you never want to be caught off–guard. For new installation, repairs, and maintenance of commercial heating systems, give our experienced technicians a call.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Here’s a service that you cannot do without in Arizona: commercial air conditioning. You place an immense workload on an AC, no matter what sort of business you operate, and we are here to make sure that you have the finest cooling system working at top condition. Never hesitate to give us a call when you can’t cool down your commercial space as much as it needs.

We Offer Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Keeping employees and clientele healthy and happy in your commercial building goes beyond just temperature. Poor indoor air quality can be a serious detriment to success. Magic Touch Mechanical handles a variety of services to improve your indoor air quality, and we use the best equipment and install top–of–the–line products.

We Install and Service Commercial Refrigeration Systems

When a business relies on refrigeration equipment for day–to–day functioning, it needs to have service from the most experienced refrigeration technicians available. Whatever you need for commercial refrigeration–repairs for a reach–in cooler, a new wine refrigerator–you can count on us to supply it, fast and right the first time.

We Install and Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Along with providing refrigeration services for businesses, we also supply installation and service for commercial kitchen equipment, including ovens, grills, stoves, washing machines, and fryers. For your company’s short–term and long–term well–being, you need the finest in service for these appliances, and Magic Touch Mechanical is ready to bring it to you in Peoria, AZ. Count on us for all your HVAC services, residential and commercial, as well.


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Ruben was polite, friendly, worked clean and was incredibly detailed.

Response from Magic Touch Mechanical:

Wow! Thank you so much for the great review, Ruben will be delighted to hear how pleased you were with his service. We all really appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to earn it! Sincerely, Rich Morgan, President - Magic Touch Mechanical Air Conditioning, Heating, Energy Audits, Insulation, & name a few!

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Ruben was Great

Response from Magic Touch Mechanical:

We love hearing that! Thank you so much for your business and kind review, we sincerely appreciate both! Best Regards, Rich Morgan, President - Magic Touch Mechanical

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Great service

Very fast to reply and courteous service.

Response from Magic Touch Mechanical:

Thank you so much for your business and for taking the time to share a review of your experience with the Magic Touch Mechanical team! Sincerely, Rich Morgan, President

Map of Peoria, AZ

great service very professional


Response from Magic Touch Mechanical:

Thank you so much for your business and the kind words, the entire Magic Touch Mechanical Team appreciates you taking the time out of your day to share your experience with us, and are delighted you are so pleased with our service! Sincerely, Rich Morgan, President - Magic Touch Mechanical

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I have dealt with Magic Touch Mechanical for several years since I accepted their presentation to install my new heat pump. I believe they are thorough, fair and usually very prompt. .

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Professional personal service

Map of Peoria, AZ

Service Above & Beyond the required. Will definitely use again

Map of Peoria, AZ

Great service

Elliott did a great job servicing our HVAC system. He explained everything he was doing. Great customer service.

Map of Peoria, AZ

Fireplace Tune Up

Andrew was very efficient, professional and did a fabulous job on our fireplace. He also made sure everything around the fireplace was clean after he was done. He is a great employee for you.

Map of Peoria, AZ

Knowledgable, personable, & went out of his way to solve problem

First, thank you Magic Touch for your quick response to my problem - the hotter the temp. got, the more I appreciated your response! Andrew called prior to coming out, arrived pretty much exactly when he said he would, was very personable & a pleasure to do business with. It didn't take long at all for him to find the problem & he knew how to fix it. When he ended up not having enough coolant on hand & the closest supplier Magic Touch does business with wouldn't stay open (it was nearly 5pm) for him to purchase more, Andrew drove to his home (he said he lived 20 mins away) & got some coolant he had there, returned & completed the job. I think that was going out of his way. He could have easily returned the next day. There was enough coolant to keep the house cool that long. I'm also well aware of how hard it is to get home after a long & hot hard days work & then have to leave again. But he did. I appreciate Andrews service & really enjoyed our cool home that night. Thank you.


Punctual, great service

Great Technician

Andrew is thorough and knowledgeable. He explains things and is very courteous. A real pleasure to work with him.