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Phoenix, AZ Pool Heat Pump Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

There are a lot homes being built in Phoenix, AZ and nerarby neighborhoods without the natural gas option, that are having pool heat pumps installed to heat their pool. Anyone who owns a pool dreads that day when it's just too cold to go for a swim anymore. With a pool heater, any pool owner in Arizona can enjoy a dip all year long, at the perfect temperature, even on those brisk nights.

A pool heat pump works very much like a heat pump used for central heating, except it heats water instead of air. Our pool heating service technicians at Magic Touch Mechanical are trained and certified to do repairs, and maintenance, for pool heat pumps throughout the Phoenix area. If you need to schedule service or repair for your pool heat pump, just give us a call and let us handle everything. We repair and service pool heat pumps for both residential homes and commercial pools.

The pool heating professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical are glad to offer pool heat pump services—including repairs and maintenance—for residential and commercial pools in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

What Is A Pool Heat Pump

A pool heat pump works in the same way as a heat pump used to warm and cool a building: it absorbs heat from the outdoor air using an evaporator coil, then uses refrigerant to transfer this heat into the water of the pool. There are some excellent reasons to use this type of pool heater rather than a traditional gas pool heating system:

  • High efficiency: You are using heat that already exists in the air to provide warmth to your pool. In a place that already has a generally warm climate—even on the colder days—like Phoenix, this makes a heat pump very energy efficient. You will end up spending much less keeping your pool warm whenever you need it.
  • Safe: You don’t have to worry about use potentially hazardous fuel for the pool heater. If you already have a home or business that runs entirely on electricity, you won’t need to add natural gas just for the pool.
  • Quiet: Pool heat pumps generally have similar sound ratings as  a standard air conditioner.
  • Versatile: A heat pump can be placed in almost any location to do its job, and you won’t need to spend money to run natural gas piping or combustion venting.

We Offer Pool Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

As the components and techniclogy used in pool heat pumps as so similar to a home heat pump unit, you can typically expect your pool heat pump to run well for many years as long as your maintain it annually the same way you would with your central heat pump or air conditioning system. But since electrical and mechanical components all eventiually fail, you can also count on us to provide fast service when you need a repair. Our service team at Magic Touch Mechanical is ready to deliver excellent advice and workmanship whenever you need to get your pool heating again, whether a residential or commercial pool.

All pool heat pump manufacturers recommend that you have annual maintenance for your pool heater. Routine maintenance will help ensure a longer life for your pool heat pump, and that you will always have your pool warmed up whenever you need it. Call us up today to inquire about this service, or for any other service you require for your pool heat pump in Phoenix, AZ and nearby cities including Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Goodyear, and Peoria.