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Phoenix, AZ Heat Recovery Ventilators by Magic Touch Mechanical

Is the air inside your home often stuffy and uncomfortable, but you don’t know how to change it without opening up your doors and windows and letting in uncomfortable outside temperatures that will drive up your cooling and heating bills? You’re not alone: this is a common problem for homes today. There are methods available to help you overcome this, however, such as installing a heat recovery ventilator into your HVAC system.

Magic Touch Mechanical is experienced with working with various indoor air quality systems in Phoenix, AZ, including heat recovery ventilators (HRVs). To find out more about how an HRV can benefit your home with improved air quality without making your energy bills spiral out of control, call our professionals today and schedule service.

Contact the indoor air quality specialists at Magic Touch Mechanical for installation, repairs, or maintenance service for heat recovery ventilators in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas.

How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Works

So what does an HRV actually do? Once integrated into your HVAC system, a heat recovery ventilator pulls outdoor air into the ducts through a vent, and then through a process called crosscurrent heat exchange it moves this fresh air through a stream of stale indoor air. Heat moves between the two streams, and this pre–conditions the fresh outside air to relieve the pressure on the heater or air conditioner.

For example, during a colder day, the heat recovery ventilator runs fresh, cool air past a current of stale, warm indoor air. The indoor air loses heat to the outdoor air. The outdoor air is now pre–heated before it goes to the heating system, and this makes the heater need to work less. During hot weather, the process reverses.

Why Install an HRV System

Heat recovery ventilators with help you save money on heating and cooling your home while permitting the fresh air to flow through the rooms that will provide greater comfort and superior health for your family. HRVs recover around 80% of the energy that would otherwise be wasted if you opened up your windows and doors to the outside to receive fresh air. This will make for a significant savings off your energy bills every year.

You may also know about energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), which work similar to HRVs. What is the difference and which one will benefit your home more? Heat recovery ventilators do not control humidity levels like ERVs do, but they are also more effective at dealing with lower outdoor temperatures. Ask professional installers about which system is the right one to install in your home.

We Install and Service Heat Recovery Ventilators in Phoenix, AZ

If a heat recovery ventilator sounds like the ideal device to help your home receive healthier, more pleasant indoor air, you only have to call the professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical and let us know. We will help you decide between an HRV and an ERV, then select the right sized unit for your home, and install the new device so that it works just as it should.

Our indoor air quality experts are also available to see that your heat recovery ventilator does its job for many years to come: call our team whenever you require repairs or regular maintenance for your HRV in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas.