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Phoenix, AZ Energy Recovery Ventilators by Magic Touch Mechanical

There’s a dilemma today when it comes to keeping the air in your home fresh while also maintaining energy efficiency: when you open up your house to the outside, the air that enters brings with it undesirable outdoor temperatures, and that will either require you to shut off your heater/AC and deal with the discomfort, or waste money running the heater and air conditioner in order to overcome the temperature change.

There are answers to this problem, however, and one that we recommend often at Magic Touch Mechanical is the installation of an energy recovery ventilator (an ERV). One of these devices integrated into your home’s HVAC system will permit you to bring in clean outdoor air inside the rooms, but relieve the stress on the heater or air conditioner so you won’t suffer from escalating bills. Our Phoenix, AZ indoor air quality experts are familiar with ERV installation, repairs, and maintenance, so give them a call today to find out more about what they can do to help you achieve a healthier, more pleasant environment in your home.

The indoor air quality team at Magic Touch Mechanical offer installation and other services for energy recovery ventilators (ERV) in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment with us today.

What Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

An ERV is a device that professional installers place in your ventilation system that pre–conditions outside air before it reaches the air conditioner or heater by using a stream of air drawn from the inside. Here’s an example of how this would work on a hot day, the type you are most likely to encounter in Phoenix:

Through an outside vent, the energy recovery ventilator draws in a current of warm, fresh air. From the indoors, it draws a current of stale, cooler air. The two currents then pass through each other in the ERV, and via a process call crosscurrent heat exchange, the warm air loses its heat to the cooler air. The fresh air current is now pre–cooled before it moves to the air conditioner, and the AC has much less work to do to cool it down to the desired temperature for indoor comfort. This fresh air enters your home and the stale air exhausts to the outdoors. For the occasional cold day, the process reverses so that warmer indoor air pre–heats the colder outdoor air.

The Advantages of an ERV System

The biggest benefit for an ERV is that you essentially get to open your home to the outside air without placing an enormous strain on either the air conditioner or the heater. This is especially helpful in Arizona summers, which can be brutally hot so that even a single open window will cause the temperature indoors to spike and make the air conditioner overwork. You will notice a substantial drop in your cooling bills while enjoying much fresher air inside your home when you have a professionally installed ERV working for you. Fresh air means better health for your household and greater comfort.

Energy recovery ventilators also transfer moisture between the two air currents running through them, so they are excellent at helping to balance humidity for your home. The dry air from outside will receive moisture from the indoor air, so your home won’t suffer from excessively low humidity in summer.

Call Us for Energy Recovery Ventilator Services in Phoenix, AZ

You must have professionals install an energy recovery ventilator for your home or else it will not work the way it should. You must also rely on professionals to provide any repairs and maintenance the ERV requires over its service life. To get started with a great installation for an energy recovery ventilator in Phoenix, AZ, or to arrange for regular service, call Magic Touch Mechanical today.