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Phoenix, AZ Weatherization Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

Home weatherization is an important job for any part of the country. For houses in northern states that experience intensely cold winters, weatherization aims to help keep out cold drafts and reduce the strain put on the heating systems. In Phoenix, AZ, however, our main concern is the furiously hot summers. A house with poor weatherization here will suffer from high indoor temperatures that will make air conditioners work overtime and create inflated energy bills.

If your home suffers from temperature extremes during the year, and you encounter problems with discomfort and out of control bills for heating and air conditioning, you should contact Magic Touch Mechanical to schedule professional weatherization. We are dedicated to improving home energy performance for our customers using the finest equipment available, and we have many methods to make your house more energy efficient. Contact us today to arrange for excellent weatherization.

The home performance experts at Magic Touch Mechanical provide high-quality weatherization services in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us today.

What’s Involved in Weatherizing a Home

The basics of weatherization is sealing up places where a house can gain or lose heat. A home that receives proper weatherization that correctly targets heat leaks can save from 5 to 30% off annual energy bills. The tricky part, and the reason you should contact professionals for this service, is that it is difficult to locate places that need weatherization and what kind of material to use.

When weatherization experts work on a home, they will focus on improving insulation, caulking windows, and installing weather stripping. Insulation is most crucial for the attic of a home, a spot which can turn into a massive heat sink during an Arizona summer. The insulation in this location prevents the excess heat from entering into the rest of the home. During colder weather, the attic insulation stops heat from rising out of the house.

Caulking is done for windows, which are often a source of draughts—especially in older homes. Weatherization experts will find what windows require caulking, and then use caulking guns to lay down the material to provide an effective seal with a smooth exterior so that the window still looks attractive. You can trust that experts will caulk the windows in the right spots and use the best type of caulk to take care of air leaks.

Weather stripping is a service used mostly for doors. Air and heat can easily flow around the sides of a door, and weather stripping helps stop this. Weather stripping involves two parts: door sweeps attached to the bottom of the door itself and a special foam for the surrounding frame. Professionals can perform this service quickly and using the right materials to assure the best job possible.

Contact Our Home Performance Experts for Weatherization

At Magic Touch Mechanical, we handle a whole range of home performance services that will help you maintain a comfortable and energy–efficient residence. If you have any concerns that your house is unprepared for the weather during the year, you only need to call us and let us know. We will handle your home’s weatherization with caulking, weather stripping, and other services so you can expect to make it through the hottest summers in comfort and with reduced stress on the air conditioning. (You won’t have problems with the mild winters in Phoenix, AZ, either!) Contact us today to get started.