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Phoenix, AZ HVAC Load Calculations by Magic Touch Mechanical

There are many reasons why you should always rely on HVAC professionals to handle your new air conditioner or heating installation service. One of the main ones deals with the important issue of the size of the new system. Bigger isn’t necessarily better in this case, and sometimes it may actually be worse. In order to find out the proper size of HVAC system for a replacement or new installation, you must have skilled professionals perform and HVAC load calculation, also known as a heat load calculation.

To arrange for this service, you only need to call Magic Touch Mechanical today and arrange for us to install your new heater or air conditioner. We will take care of every step of the process to ensure that you receive the right system for your home’s requirements, and that includes performing a full HVAC load calculation. We will take care of keeping your home comfortable in Phoenix, AZ without running into numerous repair problems or soaring power bills.

The heating and cooling professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical will handle HVAC load calculations for your home in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule this service.

What Is an HVAC Load Calculation?

A home is essentially a large energy system, and an HVAC load calculation is a formula that takes numerous factors regarding the house and determines its heat load, which is expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units). This heat load represents how much cooling or heating power a comfort system must output in order to provide sufficient comfort for a house.

Although it’s possible to perform a very fast HVAC load calculation based on only a few criteria, an accurate calculation requires professionals who will investigate numerous aspects of the way a house gains and loses heat. For example, professionals will take into account the volume of space that needs conditioning, the number of people on average in the house, the amount of windows and the directions they face, the level of insulation, the amount of appliances and how much heat they give off, and the heat generated from lighting fixtures. Experts will manage the calculation speedily and correctly, and use the information to size the new heater or air conditioner.

Why Do I Need an HVAC Load Calculation?

On the surface, it might seem like finding the precise size of heating or cooling system for a home isn’t that important: why not just choose a bigger system and stay on the safe side? However, a comfort system that is too large for a house causes serious problems, as many as one that is insufficiently small for the house. The main trouble with an oversized heater or AC is that it will begin to short–cycle. It will so rapidly condition the space that it will prematurely shut off the cooling/heating cycle before it has completed, only to turn back on again a brief time later. This constant start–stop creates an immense energy drain and will wear down the system rapidly, leading to an early replacement. It will also prevent temperatures from spreading evenly throughout a home. Don’t take chances when it comes to sizing your new installation: call on professionals who will make a HVAC load calculation a part of the process.

Call Us for Your Next Heating or Air Conditioning Installation

Magic Touch Mechanical is familiar with many home performance services, including HVAC load calculations. We have handled numerous heating and air conditioning installations in the Phoenix, AZ area, and we will dedicate ourselves to making certain that you receive the right new comfort system for your home. Contact our professionals today.