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Phoenix Duct Sealing Service by Magic Touch Mechanical

Leaky ductwork can seriously impede the efficiency of your HVAC system, and puts unnecessary strain on your system while compromising your comfort and costing you money. Both of the large Phoenix, AZ power companies; SRP (Salt River Project) and APS (Arizona Public Service) claim that their customers who have their duct leaks sealed save an average of $200 per year. In fact they are so convinced with this energy efficiency saving repair, they will pay up to $400 per duct system sealed (up to $2000 per home!). Professional duct sealing is the only way in which to ensure that the integrity of your ductwork is restored, so call upon the Phoenix pros at Magic Touch Mechanical today.

Magic Touch Mechanical provides duct sealing services near Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Certified by SRP, APS, and BPI!

Our BPI (Building Performance Institute) Technicians, Energy Auditors and Building Analysts are preferred contractors by both SRP and APS to conduct duct leakage testing and sealing and because of that, when you choose us, you qualify for up to $2000 in cash rebates ($400 per AC unit duct system). We didn’t just "jump on the band wagon" a few years ago when the utility companies started offering rebates through the Home Performance with Energy Star Rebate Program, like so many other companies around the Phoenix area. Magic Touch Mechanical has been testing, repairing, sealing, designing and installing air ducts in Arizona for nearly two decades!

When to Consider Duct Sealing near Phoenix, AZ?

The tricky part about determining if duct sealing near Phoenix, AZ is necessary in your home is the simple fact that so much of your ductwork is hidden away behind walls and in your attic. This means that you cannot really just conduct a visual inspection of the system to look for problems, and even when you can, only a duct leakage test can determine how much duct leakage there is. That is why it is so necessary that you learn to recognize the signs that your ductwork leaky. Here are a few pointers to help you to do so.

First of all, keep any eye on your heating and cooling costs. The harder your HVAC system has to work, the more energy it is going to use in order to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. If air is leaking out of your ductwork, your heater or air conditioner is going to have to work overtime in order to replace that air. Doing so will lead to high energy usage and, conversely, higher energy bills.

You may also find that your air quality is suffering and your home and vents are very dusty. That is due to the fact that faulty ductwork can easily allow pollutants to make their way into your ductwork. Once therein, the very same ductwork that you depend upon to keep your home comfortable can actually wind up distributing pollutants throughout your home, wreaking havoc on your indoor air quality. By ensuring that your duct sealing near Phoenix, AZ is completed effectively by a trained professional, you ensure that you will breathe air free of pollutants that have found their way into your ductwork.

Call Magic Touch Mechanical for Duct Sealing near Phoenix

It may not sound like the most complex service in the world, but duct sealing near Phoenix, AZ really must be completed by a skilled, trained professional. This is the only way in which you can know for certain that the job is done right. There is no way that you can hope to access your ductwork on your own, or to provide it with lasting seals. Put down the toolbox and duct tape, and pick up the phone instead. Dial our number, and allow Magic Touch Mechanical to complete your duct sealing with the skill and expertise that the job demands.