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Phoenix, AZ Walk In Cooler Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

If you run a food service company such as a restaurant, cafeteria, or commercial kitchen, one of the essential appliances that you cannot do without is a walk-in cooler. These large refrigerators are the workhorses of many businesses, and unless you have one in excellent working conditioning, properly installed and insulated and matched for your specific needs, you can run into serious problems running your company, and may even run into code violations.

Magic Touch Mechanical wants to be your one-stop location for all your walk-in cooler needs in Phoenix, AZ. We believe in delivering the best service to our customers, because we feel that they deserve the best. If you need a new walk-in cooler installed, or if you require top-quality repair and maintenance work for your current walk-in coolers, you only need to call our technicians to ensure that you receive great, speedy service. We also offer the same quality work for walk in freezers.

The commercial refrigeration professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical handle walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer services for businesses in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule installation, repairs, or maintenance.

We Install Quality Walk In Coolers and Freezers for Businesses

You should never settle for "adequate" when it comes to a walk–in cooler or freezer for your company. You must have liquids and perishable food stored at the proper temperatures at all times to ensure that they remain fresh. An inferior walk–in refrigerator, or one that doesn’t fit your specific needs, can lead to problems with food quality and also to energy performance.

Our commercial refrigeration experts will work with you to find the best new walk–in cooler or freezer to match your business, whether you are replacing and old unit or you are opening a new location and need the first walk–in cooler for it. Rely on us to locate the unit to fit the space and provide you with the temperature that matches your company’s requirements. Our technicians will perform the actual installation work quickly and with minimum interference so that you can start using the new walk–in refrigeration equipment right away and keep your business running smoothly.

We Offer Walk In Cooler and Walk In Freezer Repairs

Any device as complex and hard–working as a walk–in cooler or freezer may encounter operating troubles from time to time, no matter how well it is kept up. The moment that you notice spoiling food or evidence that your refrigeration equipment is failing to maintain the necessary low temperatures, call on Magic Touch Mechanical and let our trained technicians take over the job of repairs. Our team will locate the problem, such as leaky seals on the door or low refrigerant, and provide the fixes that will restore the walk–in cooler freezer and let your business continue on as before. Don’t trust this work to amateurs: only call on commercial refrigeration professionals like us.

We Offer Walk–In Cooler and Freezer Maintenance

The best way to remain confidence that your walk–in cooler or freezer will keep doing its job without any unpleasant surprises or a sudden breakdown is to arrange for routine maintenance from experienced technicians. Magic Touch Mechanical can provide you with the regular visits that will keep your walk–in cooler performing at peak effectiveness and energy efficiency. We care about you’re the success of your business and will put all our skills and professional equipment to work for you. The next time you need commercial walk–in cooler or freezer services in Phoenix, AZ, pick up the phone and call us. We won’t let you down.