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Phoenix, AZ Server Room Cooling by Magic Touch Mechanical

Many businesses today rely on complex computer and telecom systems for day-to-day operations. The important servers designed to run these systems—handling routing phone calls, Internet access, data storage, etc.—are usually too large and generate too much heat to be stored out in the main work areas, and are instead kept isolated in a server room. This is convenient, but it also leads to the major issue of keeping that room properly cooled down. If a server room overheats, it can shut down the computers, phones, and even lead to loss of data. Even minor overheating can cause system crashes and poor performance from the computers. You cannot allow this to happen, so make certain that your server room has proper cooling to protect the equipment in it.

At Magic Touch Mechanical, we combine HVAC knowledge with commercial experience to deliver our customers top-level server room cooling. If you are setting up a new server room for your business and need to have an air conditioning system installed for it, give us a call. If you are running into issues with cooling your computer room and it is growing too hot, give us a call. If you want to make sure your equipment is operating in good shape give us a call. We’re here to see to all your server room and computer room cooling needs in Phoenix, AZ.

The commercial HVAC experts at Magic Touch Mechanical offer server room cooling for businesses in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of Professional Server Room Cooling Installation

There is no such thing as a "standard" server room for a business. Each one is different: its location in the building, its size, if it was re–purposed, the amount of equipment contained in it, and the insulation in the walls. To properly cool your business’s server room, you must have experienced professionals evaluate it and determine the type of system and fans necessary to keep the vital equipment inside at a safe temperature.

Although there are ways to try to vent out a server room to reduce its temperature, amateur fixes such as adding a fan or a portable air conditioning unit are not recommended. Keep in mind how crucial the equipment in this room is for your business, and what you risk if it overheats, or worse, creates a fire. Call on Magic Touch Mechanical and let us take care of professionally installing a system that will remove your worries about your server room.

We Offer Computer Room Cooling Repairs and Installation

How hard your server room or computer room cooling system works will depend on multiple factors. However, in a hot city such as Phoenix, AZ, any cooling system will receive a major workout over only a few months, and this can lead to the AC malfunctioning or failing. Fortunately, there’s help. If you have any suspicion that your server room cooling is beginning to lose its effectiveness, call for our technicians right away; this includes watching for signs that computer and telephone systems are operating poorly. You should also arrange for routine maintenance from us that will see that your server room cooling system receives regular inspections and adjustments to keep it working without problems and attain the longest lifespan possible.

At Magic Touch Mechanical, we are proud of our commercial HVAC services, and we want to provide you with the same quality work for server room cooling that we have delivered to many other businesses in the area. Contact us today.