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Phoenix Ice Machines by Magic Touch Mechanical

Whether you own a local bar or a high end restaurant, it is vital that you have what your patrons want. With as hot a climate as we have, it is no surprise that many customers are looking for cold, refreshing beverages. Ensuring that you have them to offer is only one of the uses that your ice machine near Phoenix, AZ is put to, of course. You may have food products that need to be stored on ice, or recipes which call for quick lowering of temperatures. Regardless of how you most often use your ice machine, you need to know that it will be there for you when you need it most. We’ll guarantee that this is the case. When you hire the pros at Magic Touch Mechanical, you’ll have the clean, bountiful ice supply that you need for your business to soar. Call now to schedule service.

Magic Touch Mechanical provides ice machine installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services near Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

We Install and Replace Ice Machines

Choosing the right ice machine for your business can be difficult. You don’t want to run out of ice on a busy night, that’s for sure. We’ll help you to assess your ice supply needs, and to choose an ice machine that is of the right size for serving your purposes.

Once you’ve chosen the ice machine you want, you must know that it is integrated into your commercial space properly. Any time you are dealing with a water line, or any other type of plumbing service, it is vital that you work with a trained professional. Even very minor leaks can result in serious property damage. We will tie your ice machine into your water supply with the expertise necessary to ensure that the job is done right. Give us a call today to get started.

If you have an old ice machine that is no longer producing ice at the rate necessary, or if it has broken down entirely, just let us know. Our team is here to ensure that you get the ice machine replacement near Phoenix, AZ that you need to keep your business operating smoothly. Your satisfaction with our services is our top priority.

We Also Offer Ice Machine Repair and Maintenance

Do your customers find black specks in their ice? Does your ice machine leak water all over? Does it seem like the filter is getting filthy too quickly? Whatever problems you may encounter, know that our technicians are here to help. We can diagnose any issues with your ice machine accurately, and we are full capable of handling any ice machine repair that you need. Give us a call at the very first sign of trouble. Immediate ice machine repair near Phoenix, AZ is always in your best interest.

As with any other type of commercial refrigeration equipment, it is necessary that your ice machine is properly maintained in order to keep it in great working condition. Magic Touch Mechanical is just the company to call if you need maintenance or any other ice machine services near Phoenix, AZ. Call now for more details.