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Phoenix Freezers by Magic Touch Mechanical

Anyone who has worked in a grocery store or a commercial kitchen knows just how valuable the freezer space therein is. If you hope to have enough space for your frozen goods and ingredients, as well as to know that your freezers near Phoenix, AZ are of the highest quality and are properly serviced, then you must hire professional freezer technicians. You’ll find them at Magic Touch Mechanical. We take your satisfaction with our services as seriously as you do the success of your commercial ventures. That is why you can always count our team to get the job done right. No matter what type of freezer services you may need, ours is always the number to dial. For walk-in freezers, standalone units, and other fine products, look no further than the professional technicians on our team.

Magic Touch Mechanical provides commercial freezer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services near Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

We Install and Replace Commercial Freezers

The last thing you want to do is to attempt to complete the installation of your commercial freezer on your own. Sure, you can plug in a freezer chest yourself. If you have plans to install a built–in or walk–in freezer near Phoenix, AZ, though, you really need to work with a trained professional. There are a few reasons as to why this is the case.

First of all, your commercial freezer is going to run constantly. It uses a lot of electricity, and it must be integrated into your electrical system in a fashion that will allow it to run effectively, reliably, and safely. You cannot simply plug such a large unit into a wall socket. We’ll make sure that your freezer has the power supply it needs to function properly.

Additionally, attempting to install a freezer of this type on your own can lead to damages, or even personal injury. These systems are large and hard to manage. If you damage any refrigerant coils or ventilation points, you are going to wind up with a system that is unable to satisfy your needs. We’ll make sure that everything, from the motors to the gaskets, are protected during the installation procedure, that your freezer is of the right size for your property and your needs, and that it is integrated into your space successfully. If your current system fails, we can handle your freezer replacement as well.

We Also Offer Freezer Repair and Maintenance

Your freezer is going to run into trouble at some point. This is entirely unavoidable. When you encounter problems with your freezer and its operation near Phoenix; schedule immediate freezer repair with us. That way we can resolve the issue before it leads to serious damages. Routine freezer maintenance is a must if you want to keep such repair needs to a minimum. Your freezer is under a lot of strain, but you can’t have it failing to maintain the right temperature. Everything from the seals on your freezer to fan motors will incur general wear and tear. Scheduling service with the pros at Magic Touch Mechanical will ensure that everything stays in great working order.