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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Grills by Magic Touch Mechanical

Grilling food in a commercial kitchen is nothing like grilling a few hot dogs on an outdoor grill on a holiday weekend. If you own and operate a restaurant or other food service establishment that depends on grilled foods in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll understand how true this is. Not only is it crucial that your business has a working grill, but you may also need special grills for preparing specific kinds of foods.

At Magic Touch Mechanical, we offer companies in Phoenix, AZ service for commercial grills that includes new installation, replacement, repairs, and routine maintenance. With our skilled commercial kitchen equipment specialists on the job, you will feel confident that the grill you rely on to bring your customers quality food will work just as it should. Join our family of satisfied clients and contact us today to schedule service for commercial grills.

Do you need installation, replacement, maintenance, or repairs for commercial grills in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas? Then call the experts at Magic Touch Mechanical today and we will take care of everything.

We Offer Installation and Replacement of Commercial Grills

Installing a commercial grill may seem, on the surface, a simple task. But when you consider the options available for different types of grills and the difficulty of integrating a grill correctly into a kitchen’s power supply and ventilation system, you will start to see why this work must be left to skilled professionals. When you contact us for your new grill installation, our kitchen equipment experts will help you find the ideal new unit(s) from a variety of models and manufacturers and see that it is the right size to fit into your kitchen space and work with your existing equipment. You can count on us to hook up the new appliance so it works its best right from the start.

If you have a current grill that has started to fail, or is simply no longer providing you the level of service that you demand from it, consider having it replaced. Contact us to schedule putting in a new, superior grill in its place. We will see that this job gets done fast to reduce the interruption to your business.

We Repair and Maintain Commercial Grills

You probably get an enormous amount of use out of your commercial grills on a daily basis. If you make the effort to keep them cleaned each day, and if you had professionals install them originally, you may expect to encounter few operating troubles from them. Still, malfunctions can occur at unusual times, and you will be glad to have our professionals ready to help you whenever your grill needs repair work to get it back cooking food once again.

Routine maintenance is an important addition to the standard cleaning you provide for your grills. When you schedule regular visits from a kitchen equipment technician, you will help to guarantee that your grill will work whenever you need it to, and that it will not create an extra drain on power and resources. Maintenance gives your surety regarding your equipment that is invaluable.

You can call Magic Touch Mechanical for repairs or to arrange for maintenance service: we are glad to help you in any way necessary to see that your commercial grills and other kitchen equipment perform their best. Keep our number handy for the next time you need a new commercial grill installed or any other important services in Phoenix, AZ.