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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Fryer Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

Do you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen and are in the market for a new fryer to provide your customers with the best-tasting food possible? Or is your current fryer on the fritz and you require someone with experience to repair it fast so you can get your kitchen back in shape? Then you have come to the right place.

Magic Touch Mechanical provides a wide range of services for commercial kitchens, including installing new fryers. We also handle replacing older fryers, repairing them, and keeping them well-maintained. No matter the type of commercial fryer you require for your food service company in Phoenix, AZ—electrical, gas, deep fryer—you will find the expert technicians to install and service it on our staff. Call us today to arrange for an appointment.

The commercial kitchen equipment professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical provide quality commercial fryer installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

We Install and Replace Commercial Fryers

When it’s time to have a new fryer put into the kitchen of your commercial establishment, the number of choices available can feel overwhelming. How do you pick from the many styles, sizes, and manufacturers and end up with the ideal new appliance for your needs?

This is where professional installers are invaluable. Our technicians are here not only to hook up your fryer so that it performs as it should, but they will also help you select the ideal fryer. They will take account of the tank capacity, recovery time, and other complex considerations to see that the fryer will live up to expectations. They will also assist with picking the type: Open pot fryer? Flat bottom fryer? Tube fryer? Should you go with gas or electric? Let our technicians guide you to the ideal new unit for your commercial kitchen.

You can also depend on us when you need to have an older fryer removed that can no longer perform up to your standards. We will see that you have a superior replacement put in speedily.

Call Us for Commercial Fryer Repair and Maintenance Service

Any food service appliance can suffer from wear and tear because of food, oil, and grease build–up, and this is certainly true of a commercial fryer. Although you should make sure to keep your fryer clean, there are some maintenance services that will require the assistance of professionals. Call us to arrange for the regular maintenance visits that will keep your fryer in prime shape so it will give you many years of quality service.

There may come a time when, no matter how well you have cared for your fryer, it will need to have repair work. Don’t attempt to do these repairs yourself; always call on commercial kitchen equipment specialists to handle the job. Our technicians are ready to help you with whatever issues your commercial fryer may encounter.


Look to Us for Your Commercial Fryer Needs

You want a commercial kitchen equipment company that understands your business’s needs and respects them. At Magic Touch Mechanical, we strive to give you the finest in customer satisfaction with each job we perform. Look to us in Phoenix, AZ the next time you require commercial fryer services.