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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Broiler Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

It’s hard to imagine commercial kitchens running without the services of a charbroiler. There are many models of commercial broilers available that operate from different types of power supplies and come in a variety of configurations to fit with the needs of a restaurant or other food service companies. If you operate a commercial kitchen, a broiler is probably one of the key appliances in it; it’s vital that you take care of the broiler with services from kitchen equipment specialists. When you need to install a new broiler, either for a new establishment or to replace an aging unit, make sure you also contact specialists to handle the job.

For fast and effective services—installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance—for a commercial broiler in Phoenix, AZ, you need look no further than the team at Magic Touch Mechanical. We have training and experience with a wide range of equipment for commercial kitchens, and whatever you need when it comes to a commercial broiler, we can take care of it. Make sure you protect your investment in great-tasting food with our professional assistance.

If you need to have installation or other services for a commercial broiler in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas, give Magic Touch Mechanical a call today and arrange for the work with our technicians.

Rely on Us for Commercial Broiler Installation and Repair

A charbroiler seems simple in principle: heat underneath a grill of metal ribs that hold food items for cooking. But commercial grills are large and complex devices, and they come in different configurations and sizes, not to mention operate from varying power supplies, such as electricity and gas. Broilers use a large amount of energy to run (from 15,000–30,000 BTU an hour for a single burner of even a smaller unit), so it is important to see that you install the right kind of broiler for your establishment so you will not end up wasting energy.

Professionals will help you to select the correct broiler for your business, one that matches your cooking needs as well as your budget, and which will not unnecessarily drain power and elevate your bills. Expert installation will also see that the broiler works to expectations and won’t create any fire hazards or risks of inefficient performance.

If you have an older charbroiler that doesn’t work well, or which you simply can’t stand the sight of anymore, you can arrange for professional replacement with us. We will remove your old broiler and put in a model that will give you better performance and will keep working for many years.

We Repair and Maintain Commercial Broilers

When you consider all the energy that a charbroiler puts out each day, it’s amazing that they don’t break down as often as they do. However, when a broiler does develop a malfunction, you will need skilled technicians on the job; for your safety, as well as to stay within the health code, always call on professionals to handle any repairs your broiler may need.

Regular maintenance for a commercial broiler will go a long way toward preventing surprise repair needs and revenue–threatening breakdowns. If you arrange to have regular visits from a commercial kitchen equipment professional, you should run into fewer repair problems, enjoy a longer service life from the broiler, and keep your energy bills from rising out of control.

No matter what services you may need for commercial broilers in Phoenix, AZ, you can put your complete faith in Magic Touch Mechanical to bring you the work that will leave you completely satisfied.