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Phoenix Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

You can depend on Magic Touch Mechanical's factory-trained service technicians to ensure that your commercial kitchen equipment near Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities operates effectively and reliably. We know you're busy, so our customer service representatives will make it easy for you to schedule the repairs, maintenance, and cleaning services you need.

You can rely on us to help assure your business maintains a good work flow in your kitchen and that your restaurant equipment is safe to operate. At Magic Touch Mechanical we are here for you! From beer coolers to ice machines, we do it all!

Magic Touch Mechanical provides commercial kitchen equipment tune-up, repair, and maintenance services near Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

We Repair and Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your commercial beer coolers, grills, ovens, fryers, ice machines, and other equipment are integral parts of your kitchen. If these systems are not expertly maintained they may not function properly when you’re busy – costing you money and worse, jeopardizing your businesses reputation! Considering the fact that these systems use natural gas, high–voltage, and complicated electronic components in their operation; they must be repaired and maintained by factory–trained professionals. After all, the successful operation of this equipment is extremely important to your business, and the safety of your staff is irreplaceable.

When clients call us to maintain and repair their commercial restaurant equipment near Phoenix, AZ, they can count on the job being done correctly and with only the best, new components. Kitchen appliance problems are inevitable of course, but routine maintenance and prompt service help minimize the risk of those problems causing serious damage.

Contact us today to learn more!

Commercial Broiler

Commercial broilers are used heavily in most kitchens and therefore can require periodic maintenance. Is yours up to the challenge of the Saturday night rush? Do you want to wait for Saturday night to find out? Make sure that this is the case by scheduling your commercial boiler services near Phoenix, AZ with Magic Touch.

Commercial Fryer

A good french fry is the very definition of comfort food. Whether pairing crispy fries with delectable burgers, or frying up an array of tasty appetizers, you need to know that your commercial fryer is going to operate properly. Poorly cooked fries are bad for America! If you love your country – call Magic Touch for commercial fryer repair and maintenance. 

Commercial Grills

Your customers come to your establishment to enjoy a great meal without the preparation and cleanup of doing it at home. Commercial grills operate double–duty and the whole line would go down without them in many restaurants, so before you fire them up for the day, let us make sure they are operating safely and in tip–top condition.

Commercial Oven

Whether baking a wedding cake or meatloaf for a casual dinner service, you need your commercial oven to operate flawlessly. Our expertise covers a wide breadth of commercial oven manufacturers and models for all of your service and repair needs.

Commercial Stoves

A gas stovetop needs to work flawlessly for your chef to crank out masterpeice after masterpeice. Make sure that your stove is up to par with the talents of the cook in front of it! Schedule your commercial stove services with our staff.