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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Humidifiers by Magic Touch Mechanical

Living in a desert ecosystem like Phoenix, AZ means living with air conditioning as an almost constant companion. It also means living with low levels of humidity. Unfortunately, these two things are often in collision: as an air conditioner draws heat from the air, it also draws moisture along with it, drying out the air even further. This can often create intolerably arid conditions inside buildings—and leads to numerous problems that can affect comfort and health for people and damage to property.

If you are in a situation where your commercial building is suffering from issues due to excessively dry air, you don’t have to shut off your air conditioner or anything drastic such as that. What you need to do is call Magic Touch Mechanical and talk to your indoor air quality specialists about installing commercial humidifiers for your business. We are experienced with both indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services and are the perfect people to help you balance humidity in your business so you can continue to run it successfully.

The commercial indoor air quality experts at Magic Touch Mechanical provide commercial humidifier services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance, to Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

Problems that a Commercial Humidifier Will Address

Although people usually associate discomfort with high humidity, low humidity also creates serious problems, especially when it exists in indoor air. Here are some of the problems a business can encounter because of low humidity that a commercial humidifier can resolve:

  • Cold temperature discomfort: Dry air adds an unpleasant edge to colder temperatures because it allows heat to escape from the body faster. The air conditioning in a building will start to feel icily uncomfortable to people when the air is try, and during times when the heater comes on it will need to stay on longer and drain extra power.
  • Health complications: The principle health concern with dry air is that it dries out sinuses and mucus membranes, and this makes it extremely easy for illnesses such as flus and colds the spread rapidly from person to person in a commercial space. Low humidity also creates itchy irritated skin and eyes, respiratory issues, and encourages the development of certain viruses.
  • Damage: Dry air also draws moisture out of objects, and this is specifically devastating to wooden surfaces and instruments, which will begin to crack. Arid conditions also cause paint and wallpaper to peel.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Humidifier Installation

You must call for commercial indoor air quality professionals to install humidifiers for your building. Only trained technicians will know the right size and type of humidifier to place into your HVAC system and how to properly integrate it with the other systems. If this job is done incorrectly, you won’t end up with balanced humidity, but air that is too humid—creating an entirely new set of problems. Leave this job to the experts so you end up with the ideal middle ground when it comes to indoor humidity.

We Also Repair and Maintain Commercial Humidifiers

A commercial humidifier in Phoenix, AZ will perform large amounts of work, and this will lead to it eventually wearing down and encountering mechanical trouble. Along with installing commercial humidifiers for businesses, our technicians also handle any repairs or regular maintenance they may need. If you need to improve indoor air conditions in your business, give Magic Touch Mechanical a call today.