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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Dehumidifiers by Magic Touch Mechanical

Problems with dry air inside buildings are frequent issues in a place like Phoenix, AZ because of its desert climate. However, high humidity can often develop into a concern inside commercial buildings because of moisture generated inside the building. If the air inside your commercial space has become too muggy and stuffy, it will create a generally unpleasant environment for workers and clientele alike, and can also lead to health problems, water damage, and the growth of mold and mildew.

You have to do something about humidity problems, and Magic Touch Mechanical has solutions. We install high quality commercial dehumidifiers, and our skilled technicians will see that you receive the best service possible. You can also call on our expertise whenever you require repair or routine maintenance for your commercial dehumidifier. Just give us a call today and find out how we can improve the air quality inside your commercial building.

Do you need installation or other services for a commercial dehumidifier in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas? Then Magic Touch Mechanical is the company to contact.

The Benefits of a Commercial Dehumidifier

Since dry air is the standard in Phoenix, AZ, people often forget how extremely unpleasant the opposite conditions are—until they start experiencing them inside a building that doesn’t have properly balanced humidity. With a dehumidifier working for your commercial space, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Better comfort in hot weather: Nothing makes a hot day feel even worse than high humidity. The extra water vapor in the air traps heat inside the body, and then makes the high temperature feel hotter than it actually is. A dehumidifier will make your entire building feel much cooler during hot weather.
  • Energy savings: Connected to the more pleasant environment during the heat, a dehumidifier will take immense amounts of stress off the air conditioning system, and this will lower energy bills.
  • Reduction of water damage issues: A build–up of moisture is extremely damaging for many surfaces, particularly drywall. It also promotes wood rot, which leads to warping floorboards and other wooden surfaces. A dehumidifier will keep these problems from starting.
  • Fewer illnesses: Humid air causes respiratory problems and it also encourages the growth of toxic molds that will have a terribly negative effect on indoor air quality. Your business will enjoy a healthier environment thanks to the balancing effect of a commercial dehumidifier.

Call for Professional Commercial Dehumidifier Installation

Make sure that you only rely on experienced technicians who are familiar with commercial indoor air quality when you want dehumidifiers installed. Inferior installation work may end up drying out your air too much, and that creates another set of problems that you don’t want in your business either. Put experts like our team at Magic Touch Mechanical on the job so you know you will have the right dehumidifiers for your needs.

We Service Commercial Dehumidifiers in Phoenix, AZ

Once you have a dehumidifier integrated into the HVAC system of your commercial space, you can’t simply forget about it. A dehumidifier will need regular maintenance services from professionals to make certain that it works as it should and will not start to drain power or create conditions either too humid or too dry. And, like any mechanical device, a dehumidifier can break or develop faults that will require technicians to repair it. Our team at Magic Touch Mechanical is equipped to handle whatever repairs you may need, and we also provide routine maintenance. Rely on us to help you maintain the balanced humidity that will make your business a pleasant and healthy environment.