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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Air Duct Cleaning by Magic Touch Mechanical

The ventilation network for most commercial buildings is extensive, running through the walls and across ceilings to effectively deliver conditioned air to the rooms and spaces and create air circulation. This continual cycling of air through the ductwork will start to create an accumulation of debris inside the ducts, and this build-up will eventually reach a point where it will become a threat to both the efficiency of the HVAC system and to the indoor air quality within the work space.

When ductwork reaches this point, it’s time to schedule commercial duct cleaning services from professionals. To find an experienced team with the right equipment to handle this job for your company, you only need to call Magic Touch Mechanical and tell us, “I need commercial duct cleaning.” We will be on the job right away, and you can be confident that our technicians will deliver you top-rate work and the cleanest ductwork possible.

The commercial HVAC specialists at Magic Touch Mechanical provide air duct cleaning services for businesses in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your duct cleaning.

Ways to Know You Need Duct Cleaning

You cannot easily view the inside of the air ducts in your business, even if your work space has an exposed ventilation system in the ceiling. How can you know when it’s the right time to arrange for duct cleaning?

One way to know you should have duct cleaning done is if a few years have passed since the last cleaning. Although not every business should have air duct cleaning annually, if more than three years have passed since the last cleaning, or if you have never had duct cleaning done, then you should definitely call for professionals to see if it’s time to schedule it.

A definite warning sign that your ducts are becoming too dirty is if you notice a rising cost to heat and cool the building. The accumulation of dust, dander, carpet and furniture fibers, and other debris inside ductwork will place heavy resistance against airflow, making your HVAC system strain and start to elevate your bills. (Even if dirty ducts aren’t the reason for the increase in costs, you need to contact commercial HVAC experts, because something is wrong somewhere in the system.)

Also look out for an increase in dusty conditions throughout the workplace. When it seems that dust is starting to collect over everything, and the standard cleaning doesn’t seem to affect it, you probably have clogged ducts that are circulating debris all around the business.

Why Professional Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

If you leave your ducts alone and let them continue to build–up clogs of dust and debris, it will create serious impairments for your HVAC system. Not only will heating and cooling bills continue to mount, but contamination may get inside the HVAC cabinets and inflict serious damage to the heater and AC, leading to expensive repairs.

Dirty ductwork will also harm indoor air quality. Excessive pollutants blown around the air will create discomfort and also an increase in asthma and allergy problems among your workers and/or clientele. You don’t want your business developing a reputation for unhealthy conditions.

Schedule Your Commercial Duct Cleaning With Us

Magic Touch Mechanical is here to help you solve dirty ductwork with our commercial duct cleaning services. We use power vacuums and other high–end equipment to provide your ventilation system with the thorough cleaning necessary. If it’s time to schedule air duct cleaning for your company, make us the people you call.