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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

When you operate a business, you want to make sure that the building in which it is housed remains energy efficient. But to keep a building as efficient as possible also requires having a powerful thermal seal to prevent heat from escaping and entering. (The latter is especially important in a city that can grow as hot as Phoenix, AZ.) This sealing prevents fresh air from entering the building, and the result is often a decline in indoor air quality that will have major consequences for the comfort and health of everyone inside a commercial space, from employees to customers.

There are a number of solutions to this dilemma, and Magic Touch Mechanical is here to help you find and implement them. We handle many commercial HVAC services, and we carry the products necessary to give your building the improved air it needs. Call today and speak to our commercial indoor air quality professionals to get started.

The commercial HVAC technicians at Magic Touch Mechanical provide commercial indoor air quality services for businesses in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

We often think of the air outside as being much worse for us than the air inside. But this isn’t always the case. The U.S. EPA has identified that the stale, stuffy, and pollutant–filled air that circulates through the HVAC systems of buildings can be two to three times worse than the air outdoors.

However, you know that throwing open the doors and windows (if the windows even open) in your business isn’t much of a solution. That will only cause a spike in your energy bills, and it will likely bring in temperatures that will make everyone uncomfortable, especially during the summer.

It requires indoor air quality professionals to provide you with services that will keep your business’ air clean without affecting overall energy efficiency. Professionals will also take care of the job of determining what is actually causing the drop in indoor air quality so they can effectively target it. Below are some of the services and installations that we handle at Magic Touch Mechanical to improve commercial air quality:

Commercial Air Purifier

Installing air purifiers into your HVAC system is one of the simplest but most effective ways to clean the air moving through it. Mechanical air purifiers use a system of filters to trap pollutants, while electronic air cleaners ionize contaminants and draw them down onto collecting plates. Our experts will find the right purifier to handle your company’s needs.

Commercial Dehumidifier

If your business suffers from the opposite problem of stuffy and humid air, you only need to contact us to find the right commercial dehumidifier to eliminate the issue. High humidity can make heat even more unpleasant, and it also leads to the growth of unhealthy and destructive molds. A dehumidifier will help you achieve the ideal level of humidity throughout your business.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

The network of ducts inside a commercial building is often quite extensive. Over time, the ducts will begin to develop a build–up of dust and other debris that will both restrict airflow and blow out into the working spaces where it will lower air quality. If you schedule routine duct cleaning with professionals, you can keep your ventilation system free from problems and your air protected from excess contamination.

Commercial Humidifier

If the air inside your building is extremely dry—a common occurrence in a desert city like Phoenix—you can resolve it with a professionally installed humidifier that will place the right amount of moisture into the air. Balanced humidity will make for a healthier environment and will also take stress off the heater during colder weather.

Contact Us for Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Phoenix, AZ

We want you to have the air quality inside your business that you deserve. When you contact Magic Touch Mechanical, we will put ourselves at your disposal to discover what is harming your company’s air and then find the best method to resolve it. Trust to us to help you with protecting your commercial indoor air quality in Phoenix, AZ.