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Phoenix, AZ Commercial Energy Audit by Magic Touch Mechanical

Do you have concerns that your business is not as energy efficient as you would like, and that your utility bills should be much lower than they are? There is an easy way for you to discover if your building is wasting energy: a commercial energy audit (also known as an energy assessment). But an energy audit goes beyond simply determining the energy efficiency level of your company; it will also provide solutions for energy optimization so you can reverse the trend and start to save money.

Almost any business in Phoenix, AZ can benefit from a professional energy audit, so if you have never had one done before, we highly recommend calling Magic Touch Mechanical today and arranging for this service. Our experienced auditors will take care of the assessment of your business and give you the answers you need for finding ways to reduce your bills and increase your commercial building’s performance.

For quality commercial energy audits in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, contact Magic Touch Mechanical today.

What Does a Commercial Energy Audit Involve?

The goal of a commercial energy audit is to assess the energy efficiency of a commercial building and the systems within it, particularly the HVAC system, locate problem areas, and come up with a set of measures that will boost overall efficiency.

Of course no two companies are alike, and what happens during your energy audit will depend on your specific needs. The auditors will analyze your utility bills and provide a walk–through analysis that will help them understand your business better. They will look for obvious malfunctions, take numerous photos, and gather relevant data about the lighting, the ventilation system, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, insulation, and heat–generating appliances and systems. They will perform tests to find places where your building may be losing energy, such as through air leaks in the walls or gaps in ductwork.

When the auditors have completed their tests and data–gathering, they will present you with their findings as well as a set of recommendations for improvements. These improvements can include updating to high–efficiency lighting (such as LED lightbulbs), better weatherization and heat sealing, adjustments to the ventilation, more insulation, and replacement windows to restrict radiant sun heat. You will have a solid picture of the next steps you need to take for a building that saves energy and lowers your bills.

A commercial energy assessment will do more for you than point the way toward lower bills. It will also help you increase comfort inside the building (a very important point for a city that can grow as hot as Phoenix, AZ) so you have happier employees and clientele. You will also discover ways to receive better indoor air quality and keep your building durable.

Arrange for a Commercial Energy Audit

You cannot perform an energy audit for your building on your own: the technical knowledge necessary requires that only trained professionals handle the job. Put in a call to the skilled team at Magic Touch Mechanical and schedule your energy audit in Phoenix, AZ with us. We not only provide quality energy audits, but we offer the commercial HVAC and indoor air quality services that will help you improve your building afterwards. Get started on the road to fantastic energy savings and an improved business space today.