Why Is My Air Conditioning System Making Grinding and Clicking Noises When It Starts?

June 29th, 2015

Odd noises coming from an air conditioner are a way that the system warns us that they have repair needs. There are many different sounds that can indicate you should call for professional air conditioning repairs: hissing (possibly escaping refrigerant), clanging (a bent fan blade), and screeching (worn down bearings in the motors). One of the most common set of warning noises are grinding and clicking sounds that occur whenever the air conditioner’s compressor tries to turn on. Continue Reading

Some Options for Thermostat Replacement for Your Home

June 22nd, 2015

Thermostats are a key part of how your HVAC system works: the thermostat communicates to the heater and the air conditioner, as well as the blower fan, when to come on and turn off. If the thermostat develops malfunctions, it will result in major problems, such as an air conditioner that won’t come on or a heating system that short-cycles (turning on and off rapidly and creating a large amount of stress on the system).

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3 Benefits of a Zone Control System for Your New AC Installation

June 15th, 2015

Are you in the market for the installation of a central air conditioning system, either for a new home or as a replacement for an older AC? Here is something you should consider including as part of the installation: zone control.

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Change Your Air Filter Each Month This Summer! Here’s Why

June 8th, 2015

The air filter is a simple component of your air conditioning system. Its mesh of fibers is designed to stop larger contaminants coming through the return air ducts (dirt, dust, fibers, dander, etc.) from entering the AC’s cabinet. Debris inside the air conditioner will cause a drop in efficiency and lead to repair issues, such as burnt out motors.

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What Are My Options for Better Indoor Air Quality?

June 1st, 2015

If you think that your home is suffering from low quality air, you’re probably right: numerous houses in the U.S. today are dealing with contaminant-filled air due to a lack of fresh-air circulation. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean the air in a home to make it a healthier and more comfortable environment. In fact, there are so many different options for indoor air quality installations that you will want to work with a professional in order to make the best selection. An IAQ professional will help you find the right solution for your home and then take care of the work necessary to install it.

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Why Poor Air Conditioning Installation Can Lead to Short-Cycling

May 25th, 2015

Attempting to install a central air conditioning system without the work of trained HVAC technicians is a serious mistake. Whether you try to do the job yourself or you hire inexperienced amateurs to do it, it can lead to numerous issues with efficiency and performance, and most likely a cooling system that won’t last more than a couple years before it needs a replacement.

Perhaps one of the biggest risks of a badly executed central AC installation is a system that short-cycles. Follow below the jump for more. Continue Reading

Some Options for New Air Conditioning Installation

May 18th, 2015

If you are planning to have a new residential air conditioning system installed, either as a replacement for an older system or as the first system in a new house, you have more options today than ever before. It’s important that you take time to consider seriously what type of AC you want for your home, since you will likely have the system working to keep your family cool for the next 15 to 20 years.

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The Benefits of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

May 11th, 2015

In a place that can become as blazing hot as Phoenix, AZ—where even our winters are warm—it is difficult to allow fresh outdoor breezes into a home. To maintain high indoor air quality, a home needs to be able to circulate fresh air through its room to remove stale and particle-filled air; but letting in the heat from outside will seriously jeopardize a home’s comfort and place extra stress on the air conditioner—a system that already gets enough of a workout during the summer as it is.

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How Refrigerant Works in Your Air Conditioner to Keep Your House Cool

May 4th, 2015

Electro-mechanical air conditioning was invented in 1902, and in the following century-plus they have become a ubiquitous part of daily life—especially in desert cities like Phoenix, AZ. But how much do you really know about the AC that keeps your home pleasant even when the thermometer outdoors rises up toward a sweltering 120°F? In this post we’ll talk a bit about one of the essential “ingredients” of the modern air conditioner that lets it keep your home comfortable all through the summer. Continue Reading

Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

April 27th, 2015

The clothes dryer in your home must exhaust heat and moisture through a hose out its back and to a vent that opens on the outside. You probably don’t give this ventilation system much thought on a regular basis, but ignoring it can lead to serious problems—and not just to how efficiently your clothes get dry. Over time, lint from dryer loads will start to develop inside the hose and vent, and unless professionals regularly clean out this debris, it can lead to unfortunate consequences. Continue Reading