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Phoenix, AZ Zone Control System Services by Magic Touch Mechanical

Central heating and cooling for a home doesn’t have to be an “all-or-nothing” proposition. If you don’t want to have every room in your home either heated or cooled at once, you can choose to have zone controls installed into the ventilation system. Using a zone control system allows you to regulate the temperature in different rooms separate from each other. This will help you save on your energy bills and allow greater convenience for everyone who lives in the house.

You can have a zone control system put in as part of a new HVAC system installation (which we recommend), or you can have HVAC professionals retro-fit your current heating and cooling system with the necessary components. Call Magic Touch Mechanical today and speak to our technicians about having this service done for your home in Phoenix, AZ. They can explain to you more about how this works and its many benefits.

The professional heating and cooling team at Magic Touch Mechanical offers zone control system installation and other services in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

What Is Zone Heating and Zone Air Conditioning?

Zone control divides a home up into various "zones," which can be as large as the upstairs and downstairs, or as small as each room in the house—it’s up to you. The ventilation system to each zone has a damper fit into the ductwork that is connected to a local thermostat. All the local thermostats are hooked to a central control panel. The thermostats can shut the dampers and prevent the flow of conditioned air to a specific zone. A person can alter the temperature in the zone where they are by adjusting the local thermostat, or the homeowner can manipulate temperatures throughout the house at the central panel.

The Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling

The most important advantage of zone heating and cooling is that you will save a large amount of money off your energy bills because you won’t have to heat or cool empty rooms whenever the HVAC system comes on. This is especially helpful if you have guest rooms or other places in the house that rarely have occupants.

Zone heating and cooling also gives the people in your household personal control over their comfort level. No need to have family members haggling over the thermostat any more: each person can set the local thermostat to accommodate his or her own comfort needs.

This control also permits adjusting room temperatures to fit their uses. For example, a kitchen often needs more warmth than other rooms in the house, while a home gym will require more cooling. Zone control provides you with this flexibility.

Call Us for Zone Control Systems in Phoenix, AZ

If installing a zone control system sounds like a good idea for your home in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call at Magic Touch Mechanical. We can go over your options and discuss the best way to provide you with these benefits. We will handle the installation speedily and efficiently.

We also provide repair services for zone control systems. If you have trouble with a stuck damper or a thermostat that won’t communicate to the central panel, give us a call and we will take care of repairing it. You can count on our professionalism every time.