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Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you want to cool and heat your garage, add AC to your Arizona Room, or reduce your electric bill by cooling only specific rooms in your home without running the entire central air conditioning system, a ducltess mini split is an excellent solution. We specialize in mini-split ductless air conditioning and heating services throughout the Phoenix area, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. We install only the highest quality equipment and highly recommend Mitsubishi Ductless AC's and heat pumps. Our install and service technicians are Manufacturer trained and certified. Magic Touch Mechanical is a Mitsubishi "Certified Diamond Contractor", which means your parts warranty is raised to 12-Years when we install your new Mitsubishi Ductless Unit!

Magic Touch Mechanical provides ductless air conditioning services near Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps, also known as mini split air conditioners, have exploded in popularity in the US in recent years. Although this technology has been around for decades, until recently they were largely seen only in Europe and Asia where they are far more common than central air conditioning and heating systems. Not so anymore, in fact Magic Touch installs several Mitsubishi ductless mini–split air conditioners every week nowadays.

A ductless mini split works much in the same way as a conventional air conditioner. It has an outdoor condenser unit and uses the same refrigerant cycle. The chief exception is that instead of a ducted indoor air handler or furnace, it uses one or multiple indoor air blowers that are installed in the room(s) they condition. Since ductless air conditioners work without air ducts, they are significantly more energy efficient than central air and reduce the chance of indoor air quality issues which can plague duct work, espeically in a dusty environment like Phoenix, AZ.

The indoor unit or ductless air handler is available in a multitude of design styles and can be recessed into a ceiling (called a ceiling cassette), mounted on a wall (called a high–wall), mounted on the floor against a wall (like a modern day heating radiator), and even completely hidden in an attic or closet. 

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Are you considering a ductless air conditioner as your next cooling system? If not, you should be. With our ductless air conditioning installation, we will outfit your space with an excellent system that will work perfectly for years to come. We’ll make sure that it’s appropriately sized, works within your budgetary parameters, and also integrate it seamlessly into your living space. If you already have a ductless mini split, but it’s not working exactly as it should, and you fear it may be time to replace the system entirely, then just let us know. We also specialize in ductless air conditioner replacement near Phoenix, AZ.

We Also Offer Ductless Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Because they don’t rely on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout the home, ductless air conditioners tend to avoid ductwork–related problems, and therefore many repair needs. That said, they are still subject to wear and tear, and yours will need repair at some point or another. We specialize in ductless air conditioning repair services for our clients so that they can rest assured that help is a simple phone call away. But if you want to avoid many repair needs, then you need to make certain that your ductless air conditioning maintenance occurs regularly. When you sign up for our routine HVAC maintenance plan, you gain access to service discounts in addition to boosted performance and efficiency, as well as system longevity.

Magic Touch Mechanical Recommends Mitsubishi Ductless AC & Heating

Search the internet for mini–split  ductless ac units or ductless heat pumps and you will no doubt find many brands available. In the two–plus decades Magic Touch has been providing air conditioning and heating service to homeowners and commercial building owners in the Phoenix, AZ area, we have installed hundreds if not thousands of ductless cooling and heating systems. Over the years we have installed other brands such as; Fujitsu, Samsung, Trane, Lennox, and Sanyo (to name a few). What we discovered were none had the reliability, manufacturer support, parts availability, or customer options that Mitsubishi Electric Ductless AC & Heating does. 

It’s important to us to recommend and install only brands that will make our clients happy, and provide years of silent, reliable, effcient service. For that reason, when you call Magic Touch Mechanical, we confidently recommend Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. 

We believe in providing the right unit for the application, your family, and your budget. Sometimes that may mean a brand like Fujitsu or maybe even Hitachi are the best choice for you. We’ll give you the option that suits you and your needs best – not us and out needs! We just hope you’ll choose Magic Touch as your contractor. 

Proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Contractor!

There are Mitsubishi Ductless Dealers and then there are Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors. Magic Touch is proud to be the latter! The biggest difference for our clients is the fact that when we install a Mitsubishi Ductless unit in your home or office, you automatically recieve an additional 5–years of manufacturer warranty for a total of 12–YEARS WARRANTY PROTECTION!

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers are factory trained and factory certified to design, install, service, and repair these systems. These systems utilize some of the latest high–tech advancements in HVAC and should not be installed by just anyone. Magic Touch regularly sends our service technicians and installers to Mitsubishi’s fully–equipped, hands–on, training center in California to make sure they are the best–of–the–best and trained by the manufacturer themselves! 

In fact Mitsubishi Electric is so confident in Magic Touch’s techncians, they back our installations with a full 12–year warranty, not just the standard 5–year parts warranty / 7–year compressor warranty.