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Magic Touch Mechanical Videos

Ductless Mini Split AC Installation in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Mitsubishi Wall-mounted Mini Split Air Conditioning
  2. Minimal Installation Time

Trustworthy AC Repair in Mesa, AZ

  1. Get your Air Conditioner repaired by Magic Touch Mechanical
  2. We are the AC technicians you can trust!

Magic Touch Mechanical: Operation Comfort

  1. Magic Touch Mechanical headed to Hollywood

Air Conditioning, Heating, Energy Efficiency - Mesa, AZ

  1. Magic Touch Mechanical provides AC, heating, energy efficiency audits & more to Mesa and the entire Phoenix Metro area.

Lennox XC25 - The World's Quietest and Most Efficient AC

  1. Lennox XC25
  2. Quietest and most efficient residential AC unit
  3. Great for saving on your monthly electric bill. 

Lennox XC25 and XP16 Install Chandler Arizona

  1. High Efficiency 5 ton 19 SEER Lennox XC25 installed for the downstairs which is used everyday
  2. Lennox XP16 Installed for the upstairs. 

Magic Touch Mechanical Reviews - Phoenix AZ Metro Area 

  1. 250+ Angie's List Reviews
  2. 250+ 5 star Reviews. 
  3. A+ rating on BBB and given the Business Ethics Award
  4. #1 HVAC Contractor by the ACCA
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mesa, Arizona - A/C Super Tune-Up

  1. Magic Touch Mechanical offers AC tune-ups, heating, energy audits, and more!
  2. Technicians that are friendly, well-trained, punctual. 
  3. One of the most thorough HVAC tune-ups in the Valley.

Fireplace & Fire Pit Upgrades

  1. Looking to upgrade the look of your fireplace? Call Magic Touch Mechanical 

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Energy Audits. Phoenix, AZ

  1. Located in Mesa, AZ and servicing the Phoenix, AZ Metro area
  2. Highly trained technicians
  3. Highly rated on Angie's List and
  4. Nationally recognized
  5. Multiple awards from Trane and Lennox

Home Energy Audits in Mesa, Arizona

  1. Building performance contractor
  2. Perform Home and Building Energy Audits
  3. Magic Touch Mechanical will use infrared scopes, combustion analyzers, pressure analyzers, and more to help you be as energy efficient as possible. 

Lennox AC Install Chandler Arizona

  1. Magic Touch Mechanical started in 1997.
  2. We are a full service heating, AC, Refrigeration company.
  3. Focus on High Efficiency and Energy Savings. 
  4. Ask about rebates on Lennox Installations and how to couple that with utility company rebates.

Magic Touch Mechanical Air Conditioning Maytag AC Install

  1. The product and the right crew will get the job done for you!
  2. High Efficiency Maytag 21 Seer iQ Drive Split A/C and Air Handler Installation

Now Hiring HVAC Technicians and Installers for the Phoenix AZ Metro Area 

  1. Wake up and love your job!
  2. Work as an HVAC technician or installer at Magic Touch Mechanical. Apply today! 

Energy Audit by Magic Touch Mechanical, Inc. - Mesa, Arizona

  1. Tom Gade, the Sr. Technical Advisor talks us through the tools and procedures used for an Energy Audit
  2. Lennox XP16 Installed for the upstairs. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Mesa, AZ

  1. Trane WCC
  2. Lennox LRP16
  3. Residential AC Rooftop Installation 

Magic Touch Mechanical, Fighting the Heat in Mesa AZ

  1. In the fight between Heat and Comfort, you want to call Magic Touch Mechanical!